Mortgages & Loans

Residential Mortgages

With so many residential mortgages on the market it’s important to choose the right one. As an Independent Mortgage Broker, we have access to an unlimited range of products and UK mortgage lenders (not just familiar high street names) and therefore provide mortgage products that may not generally be available to the general public. Our expert knowledge of the mortgage market, allows us to offer a uniquely personal mortgage sourcing service to our clients. We recommend that as part of a structured and healthy financial lifestyle, all clients undertake a regular review of their mortgage arrangements.

Residential Remortgage

Are you paying too much to your existing lender? You may be able to significantly reduce your monthly expenditure or even release some of the equity in your home for home improvements, a new car, a second home or a well earned holiday.

Most people haven’t got the time to evaluate and research all the different mortgages on offer. So, why not let RJW Associates make your life easier, we can arrange your remortgage and ensure you get a remortgage deal that suits your needs.

Commercial Mortgage

A commercial mortgage is quite simply a mortgage that is lent to an individual or company, looking to buy non-residential properties such as; retail outlets, offices, hotels, entire developments or some other investment.

There is no real limit to what can be borrowed, but the loan to value of a mortgage varies quite significantly between different types of property.  For those who are looking into investing for the first time, we can help you get started. Whatever your circumstances or financial objective, RJW Associates are here to help. Not all commercial mortgages are regulated by the FCA.

Buy To Let Mortgage

If you intend to purchase a property to rent out, then you will require a "buy to let" mortgage. Buy-to-let mortgages have become considerably more popular over recent years, as more and more people see the potential value in becoming landlords and investing in property. In addition to rental income, and the potential of property value appreciation, many landlords have a long term strategy and use property as an alternative method of retirement funding. Buy to let mortgages are available for most scenarios, including first-buyers, remortgages, limited companies and professional landlords. RJW Associates will review your personal circumstances and research the whole of the market to find a suitable buy-to-let mortgage for you. The majority of buy to let mortgages are not regulated by the FCA.

Let to Buy Mortgage

Let to buy mortgages are ideal for those who are looking to move house, but are either struggling to sell, or don’t wish to sell their existing property. By letting out your property, you can use the rental income to meet the mortgage repayments, without having to rely on your own income. Eligibility is dependent upon the proposed rental income on your current property, being sufficient to cover the cost of your existing mortgage. Lenders offering this type of loan, will usually exclude the existing mortgage from their calculations, and offer you a mortgage for a new property based on normal income multiples. This means you can have two mortgages at normal residential rates (providing your current lender will grant you ‘permission to let’), thereby avoiding buy to let mortgage deals, which often involve higher rates. Speak with our Mortgage expert at RJW Associates to find out more about let-to-buy mortgages.

Auction Purchase

Purchasing a property from auction can be demanding; normally the deadline to complete is only 28 days to avoid losing your deposit. If you are considering a purchase via this route, we would strongly advise you speak to our mortgage expert in advance. In some circumstances, it is possible to have the lender agree the finance in principle, and carry out a survey before the auction takes place. In some cases, it might be possible to submit the mortgage application in advance of the auction (although none of this guarantees your bid will be successful). Alternatively, bridging finance can be arranged to enable the purchase of the property, followed by a re-mortgage with a lender to redeem the bridging loan. Speak to our mortgage expert at RJW Associates, who will be able to explain how auction purchases work.

Right To Buy Mortgage

The Right to Buy scheme, operates purely to allow most tenants living in local authority properties the right to buy them at a price lower than market value. You can apply for the Right to Buy if you’ve been a council or public sector tenant for five years (it doesn’t have to be five years in a row). You are a public sector tenant if you have lived in properties provided by a housing association, the armed services or a public body like an NHS trust.

The level of discount that you would receive is calculated by the amount of years that you have been a public sector tenant. If you would like more information about this scheme, contact RJW Associates. We can also look at your circumstances and advise on which mortgage product would be best for you.

Self Build Mortgage

Finding the right mortgage for a self build project is crucial to ensuring its success. A mortgage for a self build project differs from a residential mortgage; with a self build mortgage, the money is released in stages as the build progresses.  There are however, different ways in which this money can be released, depending on the product choice that fits your circumstances.  To find out more, speak with our mortgage expert at RJW Associates.

2nd or holiday homes Mortgages

With many home owners enjoying significant increases in property wealth, buying a second home for holidays or for retirement has become increasingly popular.

You could have the choice of funding the purchase of your second home with a new mortgage, or by increasing the mortgage on your existing home. Whatever your plans, let our expert mortgage adviser at RJW Associates guide you through the process.

2nd Charge/Secured loans

Secured and unsecured loans can be used for any purpose. These types of loans are often used to consolidate debt, home improvements or to purchase a car.

Secured loans (sometimes called second charge lending) use one or more of your assets as security, they are in effect small mortgages. Secured loans normally offer better interest rates than unsecured loans because of the security provided. Interest rates on unsecured loans are normally higher, as the lender does not require any assets as security against the loan.

Repayments on these loans are monthly and over a fixed period of time, usually between three and twenty five years. There may also be early repayment penalties.

At RJW Associates, we have access to the whole of the market and will advise you if this is the most suitable product for you.

Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance is a short term loan that provides fast access to funding when it is needed most.  Bridging loans can be used to raise funds for any legal purpose and are designed to last for no longer than 12 months, and require you to have a strategy in place to ensure that you can repay the loan.

To provide an example, bridging finance may be suitable for people who purchase a property at auction, where funds are required quickly.  It is much quicker to arrange than a normal residential mortgage; on average 7-10 working days from the first enquiry to completion.